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Wind Orca is transiting from Port Esbjerg to Port Nigg, which means that turbine installation on Moray West is about to begin.

Until now, offshore installation at Moray West seems to have gone smoothly without any major hiccups. Monopile installation is nearing its end as DEME’s heavy lift vessel “Orion” has a few MP’s left to install. Transition piece installation, which is being done by DEME’s jack-up vessel Apollo, is progressing well, but there are still a couple of months left for that work. Now, as Cadeler’s jack-up vessel Wind Orca is on its way to the marshaling port, it means that this project will soon have some turbines spinning offshore. One of the unique features of the Moray West project is that they are utilizing the new Siemens Gamesa turbine SG-14.0-222, which is being commercially used for the first time on a project, and Moray West is most likely the first project that will be fully commissioned with these new turbines. Furthermore, Wind Orca will be the first jack-up to install this turbine model, which is pioneering in itself.


Image Source (Wind Orca): Cadeler

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