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With ambitious offshore wind goals, Denmark publishes framework for 6 GW round

The Danish Energy Agency has published the tender framework for a round offering a total of 6 GW across 6 offshore wind farms. As a pioneer in offshore wind, Denmark is aiming high, and the round will be the largest in the country’s history, contributing to the 2030 target of 12.9 GW. The areas on offer are North Sea 1 (A,B,C), Kattegat, Kriegers Flak II and Hesselø. Key take-aways from the published framework includes:

  • Opens for overplanting, where the developers have the option to establish more than the minimum capacity of 6 GW, opening for potentially 10 GW to be established.
  • Co-ownership, where the Danish state will take a minority stake of 20% in each of the offered sites.
  • Sustainability, requiring bidders to provide a life-cycle analysis, focus on recyclable turbines, monitoring nature effects and contribute with a positive impact on marine environment.
  • The minimum capacity of 6 GW total must be commissioned before the end of 2030.


Image source: Danish Energy Agency

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