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The project that CIP is engaged in Vietnam is the La Gan offshore wind project in Binh Thuan province. The project is estimated to have a total capacity of around 3,500 MW. Enterprize Energy is involved in the Thang Long Offshore wind project, which has a capacity of 3,400 MW over several phases

According to Vietnamese sources, CIP has already invested $200 million in the La Gan offshore wind project and plans to invest an additional $350 million. Furthermore, sources indicate that Enterprize Energy has collaborated with several renowned companies such as Societe Generale, Vestas, and ODE for the development of the Thang Long offshore wind project.

Until now, Vietnam has solely focused on developing nearshore projects in shallow waters. However, developers have recently shown a keen interest in developing proper offshore projects in Vietnam, away from the coast. CIP and Enterprize Energy are at the forefront of realizing this goal in Binh Thuan province, Vietnam.

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