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The partnership between Unison and MingYang Smart Energy was established earlier this year, and now the first turbine contract has been signed for the South Korean project “Aphae”.

MingYang has been active in expanding its reach beyond the Chinese market into new markets like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, Italy, the UK, and Norway. Besides being a turbine manufacturer, MingYang is also a developer; it has developed several projects in China and is also one of the bidders for Sørlige Nordsjø II in Norway. However, by nature, MingYang is a turbine manufacturer, so its primary goal is to expand its manufacturing globally, which is also its ticket into project development.

The contract awarded in South Korea for the Aphae offshore wind project is small (80MW). Turbine manufacturers like Vestas and Siemens Gamesa would steer clear of contracts like this, but MingYang and other Chinese turbine manufacturers welcome it, as it is exactly what they need to take root in a new market.

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