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After concluding the 3.1 Round in August with the signing of five administrative contracts, Taiwan prepares to open its second round in phase 3

Taiwan, one of Asia’s leading offshore wind markets is preparing for yet another allocation round of project capacity. The country has an ambitious 13.1 GW target set for 2030 and aims to build up a local supply chain capable of supporting both domestic projects and supplying foreign offshore wind ventures. In order to remain attractive to developers, The Energy Administration in Taiwan announced today new guidelines for the upcoming 3.2 Round. These are the key take ways:

  • Projects: Removed the 500 MW project cap. The project with the highest score receives 900 MW, runner up gets 700 MW, with the rest receiving 500 MW. The option for an additional 100 MW remains in place, for projects able to maximize the sites.
  • Qualification: An expected five bidders to qualify, based on the principle of 3 GW capacity on offer. 665 MW of unsigned capacity from round 3.1 can be merged into 3.2.
  • Timeline: Aims for a policy confirmation in October, with deadline for bids set for Q1 2024. Projects selected will have a COD in 2028 or 2029.
  • Local Content: Adjusting the rules to give developers more flexibility to choose local content products, with high production cost products like foundations, nacelles and cables grants higher scores.


At least seven developers, including CIP, Corio, Iberdrola and Taiya have expressed interest in the upcoming round, and the new rules could mean that Taiwan is in for a competitive round 3.2

Image Credit: JERA

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