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OX2, the developer of Swedish offshore wind farms Galatea-Galene and Triton, has made a conditional agreement with EEW to supply monopiles.

The revival of Swedish offshore wind is now underway as OX2 is reserving a huge order of monopiles for two of its projects in Sweden. Since Kårehamn became operational in 2013 no significant fixed offshore wind farm has been constructed in Sweden. The Swedish offshore wind market is situated perfectly to tap into the European supply chain. However, the high demand is an obstacle, which is why it is not surprising to see such a large monopile order so early in the development of the projects. For EEW this looks like a good contract which will ensure work late into this decade and the relatively easy logistics, as the projects are not far from EEW’s fabrication facility in Rostock, Germany, will have a positive impact on the overall carbon footprint of the projects.

Image credit: EEW Group 

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