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Additional 1800 MW put on offer to developers, bringing total for 2023 up to record breaking 8800 MW

The German Federal Network Agency has announced the opening of the second auction round for 2023, offering 1800 MW of capacity on centrally- pre investigated sites. The sites include N-3.5, N-3.6, N-6.6 and N-6.7, all located in the North Sea. This is the first time the new selection criteria introduced through the WindSeeG 2023 Act will be used, where the rights to the sites are awarded based on a statutory point system.

The sites included in the round are subject to step-in rights, where developers may opt to secure the projects sites by matching the winning bids. Several developers, including Vattenfall, RWE and Northland have signaled intentions of using their step- in rights.

The auction round follows the 7000 MW capacity round opened in January for non-investigated sites, bringing the total on offer in Germany up to a record breaking 8800 MW. Several additional large auctions are also expected for 2024, offering a total of 8000 MW. Germany has set a target of 30 GW offshore wind capacity set for 2030. The projects sites awarded through the pre- investigated now open, are expected to supply electricity as early as 2028.

Developers will be able to submit bids by August 1, 2023.


Image credit: RWE

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