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Siemens Gamesa will join forces with Doosan Enerbility, giving itself a strong position in Asia with a low-cost base.

The deal between Siemens Gamesa and Doosan Enerbility will enable Doosan to become the main actor for Siemens Gamesa in Korea and presumably the whole of Asia-Pacific. However, what does this mean for Siemens Gamesa?

Siemens Gamesa will likely need to be much more transparent with Doosan Enerbility than they have been with other partners in the past. The turbine manufacture is usually very secretive with their nacelle and blade technology, but from the looks of this deal the level of insight Doosan will get is unprecedented. Doosan Enerbility will use their own facility and resources to both assemble Siemens Gamesa turbine components and to service wind farms which have ordered Siemens Gamesa turbines.

From Siemens Gamesa’s point of view, this is a cost-efficient strategy to maximize their turbine output globally. It is not a coincidence that after a difficult period for all turbine manufactures, a deal like this presents itself. Using Doosan assets in South Korea, Siemens Gamesa will avoid having to use billion of dollars to establish a new supply chain in Korea.

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