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Denmark announces new offshore wind guidelines

The Danish government has announced a new policy framework for upcoming offshore wind auction rounds, setting ambitious goals to reach the 2030 targets. The update includes new guidelines for sustainability criteria, options for overplanting, focus on security of supply and the role of the state as a co- owner. Some of the key take aways from the announcement are:

  • 9 GW envisioned to put up for tender this year, with the latest operation date set for 2030.
  • The capacities on offer are:  Nordsøen I (3 GW), Kattegatt II (1 GW), Kriegers Flak II (1 GW), Hesselø (0.8-1.2 GW) and 3 GW of offshore wind around Bornholm Energy Island.
  • Of the 6 GW offshore wind areas, The Danish state will be a co-owner of 20%.
  • The option of free overplanting, i.e., freedom to set up more offshore wind farms than has been politically agreed. The option implies that the envisioned 9 GW to be awarded can reach 14 GW.
  • Increased focus on sustainability in the tender, where among other things, prepare a third party verified life cycle analysis and that the developers must monitor their natural and environmental effects.


Denmark currently has 2.3 GW of offshore capacity, with a target set for 2030 at 12.9 GW.


Image Source: Danish Energy Agency

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