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A handful of offshore wind farms are getting closer to their respective CODs, but the status of a few vital components remains unknown.

South Fork offshore wind farm, on the US East coast, expects COD at the end of 2023. However, the wind farm has yet to announce a supplier for its monopiles, raising doubts as to whether the farm will manage to reach COD at the end of this year (even in light of the fact that the wind farm will require relatively few monopiles). If the project remains on track, monopile and turbine installation would begin in Q2-Q3 2023.

Vesterhav Syd & Nord is is another project that is raising questions on how far the manufacturing and delivery of foundation and turbine components has reached. The project is expected to reach COD at the end of this year and has signed a vessel contract which is expected to begin this month. There is a time limit on how quickly one can fabricate and ship large components before it is clear that the project will be delayed.

It could very well be that these projects will manage to keep their COD’s, yet they distinguish themselves from other projects that are in the pre-offshore installation phase.

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