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Ireland gets ready for its next stage in offshore wind development, as four sites are identified

With high ambitions for future offshore wind development, Ireland took some big strides towards strengthen the pipeline for future projects last week. Authorities launched both a roadmap to reach its offshore wind targets and a draft plan identifying the project sites for future rounds. The upcoming round, ORESS 2.1, is the next phase in Irelands plan to rapidly increase operational offshore wind capacity in the coming years. Key details on the upcoming round include:

  • For the site Tonn Nua (New Wave) located 12 km of Country Waterford
  • A 900 MW fixed project, with option of 20% overplant
  • Round expected to start by the end of 2024
  • Two-way CfD support on offer


An additional three sites were identified in the draft spatial plan, all located off the south coast of Ireland, called Lí Ban, Manannán and Danu. Subject to public consultation, the fixed project sites can be allocated in future rounds.

There has been no shortage of interest from developers for offshore wind projects in Ireland in recent years. Over 75 different projects have been announced, totaling close to a 100 GW capacity. The latest allocation round, ORESS 1, awarded subsidy contracts to four projects, with a combined capacity of 3.1 GW.


Image source: SSE

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