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The Australian government has put forward a proposal for a new offshore renewable energy area, potentially opening a third area for offshore wind development.

Through a consultation round, open from 28 June to 31 August, the government is seeking feedback on a site in the Southern Ocean Region. The site extends from Warrnambool in Victoria to Port MacDonnell in South Australia. The Minister of Climate Change and Energy may declare the area as suitable for renewable projects after the consultation has concluded. The suitable area may be adjusted in a final site declaration.

Several projects are in the early stages of development in or close to the proposed area. These could contribute to reaching the Victorian government’s offshore wind target of 2 GW within 2032, 4 GW in 2035 and 9 GW in 2040. Projects in the area include:

  • Cape Winds 2000 MW (Skyborn Renewables/ Australian Energy)
  • Spinifex 1000 MW (Alita Energy)
  • Southern Winds 1150 MW (BlueFloat/Energy Estate)
  • Barwon (DP)
  • Portland 750 MW ( Flotation Energy)



Image credit: Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

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