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An updated site development plan is expected next month, indicating future offshore wind development in Germany towards 2035 target

The German BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency)  intends to publish the preliminary draft of a new site development plan in July, giving indications of the area layout for future sites, expected to start being put up for auction from 2025. The new site plan includes details on the N-23, N-24, and N-25 sites, located east of the SN10 shipping lane. Expected capacity for the sites outlined that will be available to developers according to the BSH are:

N-23: Total of 4000 MW

  • N-23.1 2000 MW
  • N-23.2 2000 MW


N-24: Total of 4000 MW

  • N-24.1 1000 MW
  • N-24.2 1000 MW
  • N-24.3 1500 MW
  • N-24.4 500 MW


N-25: Total of 2000 MW

  • N-25.1 1500 MW
  • N-25.2 500 MW


The areas N-23 and N- 24 are expected to be put into operation in the period from 2032 and 2035 and will contribute to reaching Germany’s 2025 target of 40 GW offshore wind capacity.

The updated site plan also follows the news on the 2023 tender for areas that have not been centrally pre-examined, where the areas ( N-11.1, N-12.1, N-12.2 and O-2.2) received several bids at 0 cents per kilowatt hour, sending the round into the dynamic bidding phase. The Federal Network Agency is expected to announce the results shortly after the bids have been awarded.

Image source: The Federal Network Agency

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