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As a results of the new Marine Plan, 24 open door applications are suspended

The Danish government has opted to end the open-door application track for new offshore wind projects, permanently suspending 24 open applications. The move follows the approval of a new Marine Plan, designating planned use of the Danish maritime area. The plan increases the areas available for renewable energy development from 15 % to 30 % but does not include any areas for open door applications not yet approved.

However, 3 open door projects were allowed to precede on the permitting track, due to their location already having been designated to renewable energy in the current plan. These include:

  • Kadet Banke (500 MW) – Wind Estate
  • Paludan Flak (up to 280 MW) – Wind Estate
  • Vikinge Banke (up to 1140 MW) – CIP


An additional 6 projects are still being assessed, having been allowed to continue the permitting process after the Danish government announced a hold on the open-door track in February. The projects were allowed to continue due to already having obtained pre-investigation permits at an earlier stage or having establishment permits. These projects include:

  • Jammerland Bugt (up to 240 MW) – European Energy
  • Lillebælt Syd (up to 240 MW) – Søderborg Forsyningsservice A/S
  • Omø Syd (up to 320 MW) – European Energy
  • Nordre Flint (160 MW) – HOFOR A/S
  • Aflandshage (up to 296 MW) – HOFOR A/S
  • Frederikshavn (72 MW) – Frederikshavn OWF


The move to suspend 24 of the applications follows last week’s news of the Danish government’s new framework for the upcoming offshore wind auctions, planning to open tenders for 9 GW by the end of the year.

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